Theme for 24th Philippine Fiesta of Victoria 2006


The theme for Philippine Fiesta 2005 is Buklod. The word "Buklod" means bonding, union, concord and alliance. This theme is in line with the previous fiesta themes with definite Filipino flavors like "Balik-Kultura (Back to the Culture) and "Abot-Kamay" (Reaching Out). This is the follow up and follow-through of the past themes. A chain of themes, the main objective of which is to have a culturally-oriented, well-coordinated and meaningful Filipino event.

The theme 'Buklod' aims to articulate a call for all Filipino migrants and Filipino community organizations in Victoria to unite and bond together in order to celebrate a substantial and successful ethnic gathering.

The theme, like the previous ones, will hopefully give a deeper meaning and significance to the annual Philippine Fiesta - the essentiality of common bonding and harmony to effect a common goal.

The Philippine Fiesta is not only savoring Filipino foods nor reunion with family, relatives and friends. It is an event which foregrounds the spirit of Filipino positive values of 'Pakikisama' (cooperation) and 'Bayanihan' (unconditional assistance and support to one's fellowmen and community) and most of all, showcasing the Filipino native arts, culture and traditions.

The Fiesta is a call for every Filipino and every organization in Victoria to come together and work as one ethnic community, thus in return, enriching the cultural milieu of multicultural Australia.

The Fiesta's icon for 2005 is a bundle of newly harvested 'uhay' firmly tied together to signify the unity of the Filipino community in Australia, that there is a palpable and undeniable strength in unity. The theme aptly goes with the time-tested adage, 'united we stand, divided we fall' - a relevant and timely words of wisdom addressed to all Filipino Australians and Filipino community groups in Victoria.




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