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Miss & Mrs Philippine Fiesta Victoria Beauty and Charity Quests


Miss Philippine Fiesta 2015 Candidates

Mrs Philippine Fiesta 2015 Candidates


Miss & Mrs Philippine Fiesta 2013 Candidates

Miss & Mrs Philippine Fiesta 2012 Candidates

The Candidates for the 2012 Quest were recently interviewed by the Philippine Times newspaper.
Click here to read their interviews.

Miss Philippine Fiesta 2009 Candidates

Click on the pictures to view each Candidate's profile.

Sarah Phillips Kathleen Wright Naomi Moore Rushell McDonald Catherine Vella Elizabeth Generoso


Mrs Philippine Fiesta 2009 Candidates

Cecil Byrne Rosalie Bering Yollie Truz

Grand Reunion 2009

Click here for the transcript of the keynote speech by Mr Eddie Atacador. 

Click here for the transcript of the speech by Mr Noel Tolentino. 

About the Quests

The Miss & Mrs Philippine Fiesta Victoria and Miss & Mrs Philippine Fiesta Victoria Charity Quests have been exciting events for the Philippine Fiesta since their inceptions in 1985. They do not only give glitter and glamour to the Fiesta but also one of the instruments in paying the Philippine Community House and its current maintenance. Through hard work and dedication of the past and present candidates they are able to raised the much needed fund for its upkeep.

Apart from the essential financial support they give to the community, the quests have developed good communication skills, boast their artistic talents and body image; and most importantly the bonding or 'buklod' they have cultivated during the course of the quest.

Most candidates have attested to this. They have developed life-long friendship, great respect and learned from one another. The hectic and challenging activities offered by the quests give them an opportunity to know one another, have fun and value themselves as individuals who can still hug the limelight especially during the Coronation Night.

Kudos to all of the dedicated committee members of the Quests for their dedicated service and efforts in running the quests and of course to the countless candidates and winners of this glamorous and rewarding competition. Mabuhay kayong lahat!!!


Reigning Winners

Click on the pictures to view each Reigning Winner's profile.

 Shrelyn Ann Tejido
Miss Philippines of Victoria
Jane McInerney 
Miss Philippine Fiesta Charity
Zeny Lorenzo
Mrs Philippines of Victoria
Nenita Ayton
Mrs Philippine Fiesta Charity


Miss Philippine Fiesta 2007 Candidates

Rosemarie Pineda Shrelyn Ann Tejido Michella Daniels Jane Patacsil McInerney

Mrs Philippine Fiesta 2007 Candidates

Judith Wright Josephine Lupiga Zeny Lorenzo Elgen Shannon Nenita Ayton

Miss Philippine Fiesta Victoria Beauty Quest 2006 - May Estoesta Miss Philippine Fiesta Victoria Charity Quest 2006 - Clarissa Leong

Mrs Philippine Fiesta Victoria Beauty Quest 2006 - Yvonne Bajzek

Mrs Philippine Fiesta Victoria Charity Quest 2006 - Socorro Gomez

Looking Back ...

In the Philippines, fiesta is not complete without the traditional beauty contest. The presence of local beauties adds to the excitement, glamour and pomp to the festive occasion.

Since its foundation 25 years ago, the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria has brought this alluring tradition to Filipino-Australian community.

The first Miss Philippine Victoria Quest was held in 1982 with Miss Dedeth Guinto as the winner. In 1985, Mrs Dolly Prack was proclaimed the first Mrs Philippines.

Miss Grace Street was crowned as Miss Philippines Victoria and at the same time won the title of Miss Charity in 1984.

In 1993, the first Mrs Charity Fiesta Victoria was won by Mrs Sonia Santos-Goring.

Over the years, the Miss and Mrs Philippine Fiesta Beauty and Charity Quests have been gracing our annual fiesta celebration in Victoria and in the process have provided lots of benefits to the candidates and to the Philippine Fiesta.

The Quests have forged friendship and camaraderie among the candidates and have given the participants a profound understanding of Filipino culture, values and traditions.
For other candidates, the Quests become the venue in developing their charm, poise and self-confidence.

And most importantly, the Quests have largely assisted in meeting the Association’s financial responsibilities.

The Philippine Fiesta of Victoria and the Filipino-Australian Community salute the previous and current candidates and winners of the Quests; the chairpersons and their staff; families and friends; sponsors and advertisers and to all people who make the these events a success.

Maraming-maraming salamat po sa inyong malugod na pagtaguyod!


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