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(This set of guidelines has been prepared by the Philippine fiesta Program Committee to ensure the smooth flow of operation for the two-day annual Philippine Fiesta program).

  • There should be a team of Stage Managers (SM) for each segment of the program. These sets of SM should be in close communication with the performers, MCs and sound operator all the time.
  1. Be thoroughly oriented by the Program Committee before the event.
  2. In charge of the sequence of the two-day program in coordination with the Program Coordinator.
  3. Have a program at hand a week before the event.
  4. Be at the VENUE at least ONE HOUR BEFORE the program. This allows them to relax and rest before the event.
  5. TEAM LEADER should prepare the SEQUENCE GUIDES a week before the event and UPDATE it during the program proper.
  6. BE SURE that the SEQUENCE GUIDES should be posted at the LEFT and RIGHT WINGS OF THE backstage.
  7. Responsible for checking all the equipment (electric facilities, chords, etc), PROPS, and SETS an hour before the performance .
  8. Orient the performers about the ENTRANCE and EXIT points.
  9. Notify the performers about the changes or other alterations during the program.
  10. See to it that all performers are PRESENT.
  11. Check that all performers re1uirements (CDs, props, microphones, etc) are ready and in coordination with the sound operator.
  12. Work closely with the sound staff to ensure the smooth technical operation .
  13. Do the follow-up and follow-through for the performers commitment before the date and time of the performance.
  14. Check that the stage is clear before and after each performance (no unnecessary equipment, sets or persons on the stage).
  15. Maintain the order of the program and the discipline of the performers. Late comers are not allowed to perform..
  16. Be aware of the program schedule all the time.
  17. Must maintain firm but cheerful dispositions during the performance.
  18. At the end of the orientation will be given a gate pass to be collected entrance during the event.

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