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Dear Welcoming Committee Members

The Philippine Fiesta Management Committee has prepared a set of guidelines to be observed by the members to make the two-day exhibition more friendly, well-organized and smooth in operation. In this regard, we request you to read each item carefully and be guided accordingly. Any suggestions and comments to make the guidelines feasible and viable are welcome.

The Welcoming Committee Members should

1. Be aware and be guided by the rules and regulations of the Philippine    Fiesta.
2. Know the Welcoming Committee guidelines and observe them accordingly.
3. Wear formal native attire (Barong for men and Filipina dress for women).
4. Welcome the guests (dignitaries, sponsors & other guests) at the Pamana    (Heritage) gate where security guards are posted. List of guests to be    provided to you and the Security guards.
5. Be amiable, sincere and friendly with the guests.
6. Answer all questions as practicable and be open to comments and    suggestions.
7. Be well versed with the exhibits (history, operations, management, etc.
8. Wear their ID at all times.
9. Lead the guests to the allocated seats fronting the Balagtasan Theatre.
10. After Part One of the Program for day 2, the welcoming committee should     guide the guests to the exhibits and then to the Reception Area where     refreshments (lite snack) will be served.
11. Send off the guests off after the refreshments and/or viewing the exhibits.


Fiesta Over-all Coordinator – Ross Manuel

Security/Safety/Permits & Licenses – Mario Dumrigue, Ernie Pagar, Tony Misajon, Ding de Leon, Jorge Magbiray, Ernie Leopoldo

Admission/Ticketing – Sonia Magbiray, Marilyn Magbiray, Tess Leopoldo, Sally Sec, Nora Morgan, Ruthie Reyes, Reina Escuadro, Bianca de Leon, Shay Santiago, Stephanie Santiago, Mertz Baera, Alice Martinez

Traffic Management – Benny Galutera, Mac Pagdanganan, All for Jesus

Drinks – Rene Tamoro, An-An Rabusa, Apple Rabusa, Candice Rabusa, Amparo Rabusa, Steve Rabusa, Sharmaine Rabusa, Mae Rabusa

Parking – Tony Misajon, Mario Magbiray, All for Jesus

Sponsorship - Ross Manuel, Mario Magbiray

Promotion – ABS-CBN, SBS, 3ZZZ, Channel 31


Souvenir Programme – Manny Asuncion, Resy Lim, Adrian Prophet

Beauty/Charity Quest  -

Site/Facilities Preparation/Ground – Ernie Pagar, Mario Dumrigue, Mario Magbiray, Feliciano Roxas,  Ross Manuel, PASAV, PFVI Management Committee & Other Volunteers


Sound System

Exhibits  Ilonggo Association, FAME, Dulaang Bayan of Melbourne, FCCVI, Luzviminda, Kapitbahayan

Stage Preparation – Felciano Roxas, PASAV

Stage Decoration – Legong Banez, Minda Santiago-Banzon, Ellen Oftial

Reception /Welcoming Committee – Resy Lim, Suzette Manuel, Beauty Quests Candidates, PFVI Management Committee

Nipa Hut Exhibit – PASAV

Rides & Amusements – Mario Dumrigue, Mario Magbiray, Tony Misajon

The Management of the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria, Inc. wishes to thank its sponsors mainly ABS-CBN, Philippine Tours, Philippine Airlines, Western Travel, Western Union, Exhibitors, Stallholders, Advertisers, Beauty Quests Candidates, Donors & Patrons, Volunteers and the General Public for their contributions and support in ensuring the success of the Annual Fiesta celebrations.


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